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Why True Stories Don’t Always Make for Good Fiction

If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard someone say, “I could write a book about my life,” I could stop using the cliché, ‘If I had a dime.’  I must confess; whenever I hear someone dishing the … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Rejection: Examine yourself, Examine your fiction

In the perfect world we would write the perfect story, the perfect work of fiction and…boom. Editors would fight over who gets first or second rights. But is that really a perfect world or just our ego rearing its humongous … Continue reading

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The Mundane Parts of Fiction: How to Move Your Story Along

Let’s face it; every part of our story doesn’t pop with excitement and drama. There is the humdrum of the everyday life that is about as interesting as a plate of food grown cold. Sometimes we don’t know how to … Continue reading

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Thank God for the Mundane: Walking Through the Every Day

When I was a kid, Sunday was the most boring, tedious day of all. The house would rise early and scramble in preparation for church. There were eight of us and it took us three hours just to get out … Continue reading

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Book Review: Michelle Lindo-Rice’s Sing a New Song, rings with sweet melody

Michelle Lindo Rice’s Sing a New Song walks you down the path of a woman who finds out she has terminal cancer and begins a quest to find the biological father of her teen-age daughter before she dies. After living … Continue reading

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Are You Waiting it out or Giving Up?

Some years back we had a white Astro Van that shot black, chalky smoke from the rear like the stack on an industrial plant, moved at the speed of a four-year-old on a tricycle and finally one day, coughed, sputtered … Continue reading

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Is Theme Still Important? Developing Your Novel

Theme is that aspect of writing that your high school English teacher wanted you to be sure to explain in your two-page, single-spaced essay on The Grapes of Wrath. While you were just happy to get through the novel, she … Continue reading

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