We were not designed to fail

My hubby is a Discovery Channel nut. His wind-down time is spent ogling the mating habits of the cheetah or the hyena as both prey and predator. It’s intriguing to watch, this big burly dude describe the beauty of the circle of life. I didn’t get it at first–not the animal’s behavior–but his wonderment of them. I usually only see that look during basketball playoffs.

But at second glance, it’s pretty clear. I’m no animal behaviorist, but I do realize that animals in all their complexity stay within the realm of their design and purpose, to watch reminds me that they are created beings. Although they do not move and perform with exactness, their instinct is superb, even if it is not precise.  They know when they’re predator, and when they are potential prey. Animals understand their challenges and use their ample paws, teeth or stealthy moves to maneuver, pounce and conquer, or to escape sudden death. Sometimes they fail (not quite quick enough), others times they savor the kill. They seem to realize what they are born to do and move with confidence even in the wake of danger and uncertainty.

For humans, it’s complicated. We struggle and fumble even as we are equipped with these tools of reasoning and emotion. They are both our greatest assets and most blatant weaknesses. We overthink and second guess; we allow jealousy guised as competition to rule our good sense and move us in the opposite direction of success. But in fact,  even as we struggle, we have all we need to do what is necessary and move with purpose–including emotion and reasoning. Once we realize this truth we will know what God knows about us; He did not design us to fail.

Sometimes I look up to the heavens, seeking  God for some great sign;  a Red Sea parting or a burning bush for the secret to success. Then he reminds me that I have everything I need—it was part of His masterful design, turns out, he’s pretty good at creating stuff. All I have to do is look inside and trust Him.

We are teeming with resources. Sometime one falters, but another will arise strong. My eyes may not see it, but my ears hear it; perhaps I can’t hear it but I can feel itgraceful-predator-108267. My emotions allow me to empathize with others, show deep affection, forge relationships. My reasoning moves in and allows me to make swift decisions or ponder at other instances.

Sometimes I wonder if  my writing will matter. Will anyone even care about these stories? Maybe they’re a big deal in my head only. And again he reminds me that he isn’t a God who imparts haphazardly or insufficiently. His gifts come with intent. Yes, there is a plan in it. And as long as I put Him first they will reach those for whom the stories matter. The gift to breathe life into these works of fiction resides inside and just needs to be stirred and sometimes shaken.

He has created us with purpose and on purpose. We are of perfect design despite the flaws and setbacks. To those of you who write, I say write on. Don’t stop. Someone needs/ wants to hear what you have to say, whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction.

We were created to succeed and to accomplish. We were not designed to fail.


About Dorcas Graham

I have been a professional writer for more than 20 years; primarily technical writing and freelance journalism. My passion for fiction writing brings me here. Now I have the opportunity to pursue what I love! My debut novel, In Three Days is now available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. I'm happy to share this exciting journey with you. In addition to updates of what's happening, I will also add tidbits of information and writing tips I have learned along the way. I welcome your comments. Enjoy!
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4 Responses to We were not designed to fail

  1. Rilla Z says:

    I don’t like watching the predator/prey animal shows, but I do like watching shows about their design abilities. Animals can do some pretty incredible things. And I agree, we aren’t designed to fail; but we can choose to go against what we were designed to do. That’s not where you were going in this post, but it was the thought that popped into my head while reading!

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