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I have been a professional writer for more than 20 years; primarily technical writing and freelance journalism. My passion for fiction writing brings me here. Now I have the opportunity to pursue what I love! My debut novel, In Three Days is now available on and I'm happy to share this exciting journey with you. In addition to updates of what's happening, I will also add tidbits of information and writing tips I have learned along the way. I welcome your comments. Enjoy!



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Write what you know: writing outside of your cultural experience

Most of us have limited cultural experiences. If you’re white, you hang out with mostly white friends; your church and various groups are filled with people who look like you. If you’re Black you look around the congregation on Sunday … Continue reading

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Is it a series, a trilogy or an incomplete novel?

Series and trilogies are the latest and hottest trends in fiction writing and apparently authors everywhere are making it their go-to strategy for selling novels. It can be lucrative when it works; marketed correctly, it secures an author’s place with … Continue reading

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Write what you know and know what you write

As writers we are always digging around for inspiration or trying to break through seasons of writers’ block. Write what you know, they say. We all have a story or from which to draw experiences. Some of us have more … Continue reading

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Should new writers do book signings?

Every author at one time has dreamed of their great book signing. It plays in our head like something from a movie: hard covered copies of our book stacked on the table on either side of us. There may be … Continue reading

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The Responsibility of the Free: Part II

The Responsibility of the Free_II With an examination of current events, I felt it necessary to again address the responsibility of the free. Our focus is generally on the present. You see, here, in America needs are met (even if … Continue reading

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The Responsibility of the Free

It’s another July fourth weekend and I’ve loaded up on enough food to feed a small village. I’ve bargained for the best deal on fireworks from the plethora of vendors lining the streets in my city declaring they’ve got the … Continue reading

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