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Write what you know: writing outside of your cultural experience

Most of us have limited cultural experiences. If you’re white, you hang out with mostly white friends; your church and various groups are filled with people who look like you. If you’re Black you look around the congregation on Sunday … Continue reading

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And They Lived Happily Ever After: Tips for Writing your Story’s Conclusion

And they lived happily ever after.  Wouldn’t writing your story’s ending be so much simpler if all good fiction had to end this way? Predictable, but easy. Boring, but easy. But the truth is there are no hard and fast … Continue reading

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Black Women Writers to Celebrate

As I reflect this month in which we celebrate women’s history I feel compelled to share with you a couple of women writers that rank high upon my shelves. When I first attempted to read, Zora Neale Hurston’s, There Eyes Were … Continue reading

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Dream Killers: Confessions of a Writer II

I try to remember that dreams are not concoctions of our own volition. Dreams are God-given, which explains why as children we often had these wonderfully wild hopes and ideas that seemed to come from some obscure place. It is actually … Continue reading

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When dreams die, they die young: Confessions of a Writer Part I

I knew from the first moment I looped twist ties through a thick stack of notebook paper with the edges still frayed that I wanted to be a writer. There was this feverish excitement to watch written words come alive. … Continue reading

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Sometimes we get a second chance, but why wait?

I used to work a job as a counselor for a group of delinquent teenagers at a day camp. Many days I felt like a beacon showing them the way. Other days I was searching for a beacon. These were … Continue reading

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Platonic Relationships with the Opposite Sex: Are They Possible?

Are platonic relationships like fairy tales and wishing wells: real only in the mind? Some say it is possible for men and women to be just friends as long as bodies don’t collide and minds don’t wander down dark halls … Continue reading

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