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We were not designed to fail

My hubby is a Discovery Channel nut. His wind-down time is spent ogling the mating habits of the cheetah or the hyena as both prey and predator. It’s intriguing to watch, this big burly dude describe the beauty of the circle of life. I … Continue reading

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Write your story your way: creating good fiction

Remember when you first start writing you’d say things like: I want to write just like… As you were determined to make your fiction stand out you wanted to write in the style and voice of someone else. (The life … Continue reading

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The Mundane Parts of Fiction: How to Move Your Story Along

Let’s face it; every part of our story doesn’t pop with excitement and drama. There is the humdrum of the everyday life that is about as interesting as a plate of food grown cold. Sometimes we don’t know how to … Continue reading

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Are You Waiting it out or Giving Up?

Some years back we had a white Astro Van that shot black, chalky smoke from the rear like the stack on an industrial plant, moved at the speed of a four-year-old on a tricycle and finally one day, coughed, sputtered … Continue reading

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Nursing Your Preemies: Publishing Your Novel

Preemies. We pity and hope for them at the same time. For some reason, today as I was driving I thought about preemies, those that are underdeveloped, sickly and not ready to stand alone. Often we grieve for what should … Continue reading

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Writing Therapy

I could easily be reclined on the couch of some therapist staring up at the wall peppered with all of his or her framed accolades, pouring from my soul. I’m sure you could confess to having the same opportunity. But … Continue reading

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And They Lived Happily Ever After: Tips for Writing your Story’s Conclusion

And they lived happily ever after.  Wouldn’t writing your story’s ending be so much simpler if all good fiction had to end this way? Predictable, but easy. Boring, but easy. But the truth is there are no hard and fast … Continue reading

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