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Take me there: writing vivid fiction

I’m in the middle of reading a novel that has all the elements to make it a potentially intriguing read: a unique story line, characters that have interesting backgrounds, complex relationships between characters, and an exotic setting. Also, the writer … Continue reading

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First things first: Write a compelling story

We’re swamped daily by the need to keep our social media pages popping; engage to push our numbers forward and expand our audience. We’re encouraged to hold our books high and exclaim: read this! This is the way to have … Continue reading

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Make Every Word Count: Editing your fiction

When I was in college I interned for a city newspaper. One editor in particular seemed to have an aversion to everything I wrote, especially my first front page story.  It was about a walk to raise money and awareness … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Journey: Getting Published

Here it is. My official book launch day. In Three Days, the novel is finally available to all of you. And to say that I’m completely stoked is an understatement. I’m taking it all in, inhaling and exhaling and smiling like … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Rejection: Examine yourself, Examine your fiction

In the perfect world we would write the perfect story, the perfect work of fiction and…boom. Editors would fight over who gets first or second rights. But is that really a perfect world or just our ego rearing its humongous … Continue reading

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The Mundane Parts of Fiction: How to Move Your Story Along

Let’s face it; every part of our story doesn’t pop with excitement and drama. There is the humdrum of the everyday life that is about as interesting as a plate of food grown cold. Sometimes we don’t know how to … Continue reading

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The Writing Privilege

Early one Saturday morning just several weeks ago I got this overwhelming feeling about my novel due out in just under a week.  Suddenly there were passages that I had to change before anyone else saw them. I mean, I … Continue reading

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