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Write what you know: writing outside of your cultural experience

Most of us have limited cultural experiences. If you’re white, you hang out with mostly white friends; your church and various groups are filled with people who look like you. If you’re Black you look around the congregation on Sunday … Continue reading

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Write what you know and know what you write

As writers we are always digging around for inspiration or trying to break through seasons of writers’ block. Write what you know, they say. We all have a story or from which to draw experiences. Some of us have more … Continue reading

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Should new writers do book signings?

Every author at one time has dreamed of their great book signing. It plays in our head like something from a movie: hard covered copies of our book stacked on the table on either side of us. There may be … Continue reading

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We were not designed to fail

My hubby is a Discovery Channel nut. His wind-down time is spent ogling the mating habits of the cheetah or the hyena as both prey and predator. It’s intriguing to watch, this big burly dude describe the beauty of the circle of life. I … Continue reading

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Make Every Word Count: Editing your fiction

When I was in college I interned for a city newspaper. One editor in particular seemed to have an aversion to everything I wrote, especially my first front page story.  It was about a walk to raise money and awareness … Continue reading

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Starting over: breaking up with your novel

You’ve murdered all of your darlings, removed every word that wasn’t working and every lofty phrase that you thought was absolutely brilliant but unnecessary and yet your novel is as muddled as a bog. Sometimes getting up and going for … Continue reading

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Write your story your way: creating good fiction

Remember when you first start writing you’d say things like: I want to write just like… As you were determined to make your fiction stand out you wanted to write in the style and voice of someone else. (The life … Continue reading

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