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Write what you know and know what you write

As writers we are always digging around for inspiration or trying to break through seasons of writers’ block. Write what you know, they say. We all have a story or from which to draw experiences. Some of us have more … Continue reading

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Take me there: writing vivid fiction

I’m in the middle of reading a novel that has all the elements to make it a potentially intriguing read: a unique story line, characters that have interesting backgrounds, complex relationships between characters, and an exotic setting. Also, the writer … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Journey: Getting Published

Here it is. My official book launch day. In Three Days, the novel is finally available to all of you. And to say that I’m completely stoked is an understatement. I’m taking it all in, inhaling and exhaling and smiling like … Continue reading

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Starting over: breaking up with your novel

You’ve murdered all of your darlings, removed every word that wasn’t working and every lofty phrase that you thought was absolutely brilliant but unnecessary and yet your novel is as muddled as a bog. Sometimes getting up and going for … Continue reading

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Write your story your way: creating good fiction

Remember when you first start writing you’d say things like: I want to write just like… As you were determined to make your fiction stand out you wanted to write in the style and voice of someone else. (The life … Continue reading

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